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KRC's Learning Center
We are fundraising to build out a KRC Learning Center in New York City. Our capital campaign needs your support to achieve $200,000 in contributions. Your donation will make the Learning Center a reality and create sustainability for KRC programs in low-income neighborhoods.

When a child asks, “How is a skyscraper built?” families can respond with, “Great question. Let’s go to KRC and learn about that.” Once there, children can explore the topic in books then go to the blocks center and build their very own skyscraper or design a city using computer software.

KRC believes in a child-centered approach to learning. We encourage children to conduct their own “research” by asking questions, exploring topics, and forming conclusions. The center will provide literacy-based workshops on a variety of topics, such as planets, math, architecture, dinosaurs, and dance.

Collection highlights include:
  • More than 1,000 hardback books covering topics from “Ancient China” to “Dinosaurs” to “Planets”
  • Britannica Discovery Library, Student Encyclopedias, and Student Earth & Science Bundle
  • National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers
  • Periodicals for and about children
  • Classic educational folklore, fairytales, and picture books


Your donation will help provide thousands of children with access to KRC and our programs.